22nd September: Kick off the 2nd edition with the following persons in the lagar in Vale Mendiz:

Tiago Alves de Sousa (Alves de Sousa), Carlos Flores dos Santos (Andresen), Isabel Vieira (Bulas), Ricardo Nunes (Churchill), Duarte Calem (Combro), Marta Casanova (Quinta do Corte), Miguel Roquette (Quinta do Crasto), Elsa Couta (Quinta de Ventozelo), Ana Ribeiro (DR Port), Alvaro van Zeller (Barao de Vilar), Joao Roseira (Quinta do Infantado), Susete Melo (Kranemann Wine Estates), Sophia Bergqvist (Quinta de la Rosa), Ana Urbano (Messias), Joao Rosa Alves (Menin Wine Company), Rita Braga (S. Leonardo), Daniel Niepoort (Niepoort), Luisa Amorim (Quinta Nova), Carlos Agrellos (Quinta do Noval), Jorge Pintao (Pocas), Paulo Coutinho (Quinta do Portal), Oscar Quevedo (Quevedo), Jorge Rosas (Ramos Pinto), Luis Sottomayor (Sogrape), Carla Tiago (Sogevinus), Charles Symington (Symington), Odile Bouchard (Quinta do Tedo), Isabel Abreu (Quinta Vale D Maria), Luisa Ozalabal (Quinta do Vale Meao), Francisco Ferreira (Quinta do Vallado), Fatima Lopez (Vallegre), Francisca van Zeller (van Zellers).

Thank you all for participating!

01 March 2024: First meeting of the O-PORT-UNIDADE enologist team in the Calem cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia

After tasted the samples of the contributing houses, the enologists unanimously agreed that the quality is great and there should be little challenge to produce a Vintage Port from with these Ports. The three random groups then teamed up and provided some samples which were already great. We are much looking forward to the second round where the final blend will be decided. After the hard work the way forward was discussed at a bottle-party dinner. Thank you #Sogevinus and #CarlaTiago for being a perfect host.

‚ÄěThis very special project and the thirty contributing houses represent the whole
Douro Valley with all its might and quality. Nothing can go wrong."

(Axel Probst, organisator)