OPortUnidade Logo Picture
Exactly one decade after the first successful project, O-PORT-UNIDADE will be launched again.
The aim is to produce another astonishing Port to follow the footsteps of the O-PORT-UNIDADE Vintage Port 2013.


Axel Probst
Diplom Kaufmann
Verbindungstrasse 12a
40764 Langenfeld / Germany
fon +49 0212-60650 fax + 49 0212-2641020
Steuernummer: 135/5225/1447
O·PORT·UNIDADE is a registered brand under the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, Nr. 302013028380

„This very special project and the thirty  ontributing houses represent the whole
Douro Valley with all its might and quality. Nothing can go wrong."

(Axel Probst, organisator)